Certified Home Inspector Ben Chamberlin

Ben Chamberlin

Professional Home Inspector

Ben Chamberlin is the owner and inspector of Chamberlin Inspections. Ben is grateful to be in a position to serve his local community in a way that truly makes a difference, passing down his years of knowledge so that he can assist families in making a successful home purchase. Ben is able to inspect virtually any residential property, from large-scale living spaces to mobile homes, identifying potential issues ahead of time so that your interests are protected when the moment comes to decide whether or not the current terms of an investment are right for you.

Home Inspector, Builder, Architect

If you contact Ben Chamberlin to set up a home inspection appointment, you won’t regret the choice you’ve made—and once you take a peek into Ben’s professional background, you’ll understand why. Long before he inspected homes professionally, Ben was working as a licensed architect and construction contractor. Ben’s knowledge of residential design is second to none, and home inspections are the perfect fit for someone of that caliber.

Every home is unique from the one right across the street, but when you’ve played a role in most phases of numerous successful builds, you know what to look for—and Ben is fully committed to using his experience as a resource to help you avoid the mistakes that can jeopardize a safe investment.

Treating Our Clients With Honesty and Kindness

  • Every client has an open invitation to be present whenever we’re set to inspect the home in question—creating an opportunity for us to have a conversation about any maintenance or repair issues the moment we discover them
  • We’re committed to delivering 100% honest inspection findings so that you’re able to make a responsible choice when deciding on a home purchase
  • A phone call is all it takes to ask any questions that are still on your mind after a home inspection is completed—and that remains true even if you wait to call until several months later

When he’s not on the job, Ben enjoys being outdoors and spending quality time with his wife and four wonderful children.

Pennsylvania Home Inspector

Proudly Serving Central Pennsylvania

We offer top-quality home inspection services to Carlisle, Pennsylvania and most surrounding areas.

At Chamberlin Inspections, we’ll provide an in-depth evaluation of your prospective home, helping you understand what you can realistically expect if you closed on the home as it stands today. Contact us today to request an appointment.

Evening and weekend appointments are typically available when requested. We accept online payments.


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