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Full Transparency Is What We’ll Provide

At Chamberlin Inspections, we believe that every home-buyer should be able to invest in a home that can withstand normal wear and tear without becoming a never-ending financial burden. That’s why we offer a professional home inspection that will provide full transparency to our clients, comprehensively revealing a property’s condition from the foundation all the way up to the home’s roofing system. We strive to help you accurately color your perception of a prospective home, giving you peace of mind and an improved ability to make an informed buying decision.

Enjoy an Easier Transition

Home Inspection Experience


Our professional background is in architectural design and residential construction, giving us a strong core of knowledge that will be drawn from to help you better understand the overall quality of your prospective home.

Home Inspection Satisfaction


From families buying their first homes to retirees seeking a suitable permanent residence, we’re dedicated to meeting your needs as a home-buyer so that you’re able to take total satisfaction in the outcome of your investment.

Home Inspection Protection


A home inspection is supposed to be all about protecting the client, and at Chamberlin Inspections, we’ll never lose sight of that fact—going above and beyond to ensure that every home we inspect is safe and that you aren’t hit with unexpected expenses.

Inspection Reports Delivered the Moment You Need Them

Before a full 24 hours have passed since your home inspection, you’ll be provided with an itemized digital inspection report that will thoroughly go over each readily accessible area of the home. You’ll learn all about the property’s overall condition, including potential deficiencies that you may want to have addressed in some way before agreeing to terms on a purchase. Access to the cutting-edge Create Request List™ (CRL)™ feature by HomeGauge will also be included with your inspection report.  

The Create Request List™ (CRL)™

  • You’ll be able to click and select individual inspection findings from your report to include in your own easily accessible project and repair request list
  • When you decide to add an item to your personal request list, you can pick between requests for repair, replacement, or reimbursement
  • The CRL™ feature carries a reputation for unprecedented convenience, giving you the option of working on your request list from virtually any mobile or desktop device
Homegauge Digital Home Inspection Report

Proudly Serving Central Pennsylvania

We offer top-quality home inspection services to Carlisle, Pennsylvania and most surrounding areas.

At Chamberlin Inspections, we’ll provide an in-depth evaluation of your prospective home, helping you understand what you can realistically expect if you closed on the home as it stands today. Contact us today to request an appointment.

Evening and weekend appointments are typically available when requested. We accept online payments.


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